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The European Group on Atomic Systems (EGAS), a section of the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Division (AMOPD) of the European Physical Society, provides a forum for and represents European scientists whose interests lie in the physics of atomic systems, including isolated atoms in the gas phase and atoms embedded in larger structures, their structural and dynamical properties and their interaction with light and other particles.

The aims of EGAS are to promote studies in atomic, molecular, and optical physics and related topics, to facilitate contacts between members, to encourage collaboration in scientific research and exchange of personnel between laboratories, to stimulate the interest of young physicists in the field of atomic, molecular, and optical physics, to organize meetings, to maintain contacts with related academic societies and with other sections and divisions within the European Physical Society.

ARTICLE 3 Membership
Membership in EGAS is open to individual scientists or Groups or Laboratories interested in the topics specified in Article 1 of these Statutes who are members of the European Physical Society under Article 4a, 4c, 4d or 7 of the Constitution. Non-members of the European Physical Society may participate in the scientific activities of EGAS about which they may receive information upon application.

ARTICLE 4 Structure
The business of EGAS is carried out by a Board in accordance with the General Statutes of the EPS concerning Divisions and Sections.

ARTICLE 5 The Board
The EGAS board is composed of fourteen elected members, who broadly represent the different topics and regions of Europe. Elected members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms of three years. The chairperson and the secretary of EGAS must be elected board members and are determined by vote of the elected board members. Upon proposal of the chairperson, the board may be complemented by one or two coopted members via majority vote of the elected board members. The EGAS board normally holds two meetings per year.

ARTICLE 6 Elections
Elections to the EGAS board takes place during the General Assembly. In preparing the list of nominees the board will consult the members.

ARTICLE 7 Finance
As a contribution to the expenses of EGAS a fee may be fixed by the EGAS board. This fee is normally collected as a small fraction of the registration fee for EGAS conferences. The fee is transferred to the earmarked EGAS funds held in an EPS account. These EGAS funds are used for section-specific expenses which are authorized by the Chairperson of EGAS.

ARTICLE 8 Meetings
EGAS organizes an annual Europhysics conference (EGAS conference). Every third year, this conference takes place jointly with the European Conference on Atoms, Molecules, and Photons (ECAMP). EGAS conferences contribute to the EPS Solidarity Fund according to its rules and to the finance of EGAS by imposing an EGAS fee on each regular participant of EGAS conferences.

ARTICLE 9 General Assembly
A General Assembly of members is held yearly during the EGAS or the ECAMP conference.

ARTICLE 10 The Statutes
These Statutes can be changed only on the recommendation of a 2/3 majority vote at the General Assembly.
(approved by General Assembly of EGAS 40 in Graz, July 2008)
(ARTICLE 3 amended by approval of the General Assembly on June 26, 2013)