There has never been a list of formal rules for organising EGAS Conferences, and it would probably not be a good idea to have one. For one thing, what is practicable for one local organiser may be impossible for another. Furthermore rigid regulations are quite opposed to the spirit of EGAS, which has always been ready to try new ideas. The way in which Meetings have been organised in the recent past has generally been along the following lines. A local Committee is set up about two years before the date the Meeting is due to be held. Usually at least one or two members of the Committee will have attended EGAS Meetings and therefore know the general style. A member of the Committee attends EGAS Board meetings for 18 months before the Conference itself and the arrangements for the Conference are fully discussed on these occasions. In particular, any new ideas, departures from normal procedures and so on are considered at these Board meetings, taking into account the Board's experience of previous Conferences and any decisions made by the General Assembly which relate to the points under discussion. The Board meets three times a year, twice during the annual Conference and once in November. It is bound by decisions made at the General Assembly; which is held once a year, during the Conference.

In this way, the Board is kept informed of the progress of the preparations for the Conference, and the local Committee in turn receives advice and help from the Board. On the whole, this system has worked very well, and there is no suggestion that it should be changed. However, there are some points which the Board considers would be worth circulating to prospective Conference organisers. These relate to customs and practices that have developed over the years. In some cases they concern time-tabling requirements (e.g., a period has to be aside for the General Assembly); in others there are considerations of Conference format on which the General Assembly has expressed definite views which must be respected as far as possible. It is felt that some time and effort may be saved if local organisers, particularly those less familiar with EGAS Meetings, have this information available at the outset. However, this should in no way inhibit an organiser from bringing to the Board new suggestions which run counter to the guidelines, if he sees good reason. Correspondingly, the Board will review and update these guidelines at its November meetings. If at any time there is any point about which advice is needed, then the Secretary will be glad to help.