2012, Gothenburg (EGAS 44)

Nora Berrah

Probing Matter from Within Using Ultra-Intense and Ultra-Fast X-Rays from the LCLS Free Electron Laser (Plenary Lecture)

Eleanor Campbell

Rydberg Fingerprint Spectroscopy: Probing the Excited States and Ionisation Dynamics of Fullerenes (Plenary Lecture)

Per Delsing

Is Vacuum Really Empty? (Plenary Lecture)

Rudolf Grimm

New Frontiers in Ultracold Quantum Gases (Plenary Lecture)

Jeffrey Hangst

The ALPHA Experiment at CERN: Physics with Trapped Antihydrogen (Plenary Lecture)

Ferenc Krausz

Attosecond Physics: The First Decade (Plenary Lecture)

Eric Mazur

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer (Plenary Lecture)

Gerard Meijer

Taming Molecular Beams (Plenary Lecture)

Sandro Stringari

Dynamic Behavior of Ultra Cold Atomic Gases (Plenary Lecture)

Jonathan Tennyson

Molecular Line Lists for the Opacity of Exoplanet and Other Atmospheres (Plenary Lecture)

Robert Marc Friedman

"Remembering Miss Meitner": History, Memory, and the Future of Physics (Progress Report)

Alexei Grum-Grzhimailo

Two- and Three-Photon Atomic Double Ionization by Intense FEL Pulses (Progress Report)

Judy Hardy

Not What It Seems? Teaching and Learning Introductory Quantum Physics (Progress Report)

Selim Jochim

Deterministic Few-Fermion Quantum Systems (Progress Report)

Alban Kellerbauer

Towards Laser Cooling of Atomic Anions (Progress Report)

Christine Lindstrøm

The Knowledge Structure of Introductory Quantum Mechanics (Progress Report)

Zheng-Tian Lu

Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater (Progress Report)

Eric Mazur

The Scientific Approach to Teaching: Research as a Basis for Course Design (Progress Report)

Reidun Renstrøm

Why Do Recognized Textbooks in Physics Represent a Quasi-History of Planck's, Einstein's and Bohr's Development of Quantum Physics? (Progress Report)

History and Quasi

History of Quantum Physics (Progress Report)

Ralf Röhlsberger

Electromagnetically Induced Transparency via Cooperative Emission in a Cavity (Progress Report)

Michael Tarbutt

Is the Electron Round? (Progress Report)

Geneviève Tastevin

50 Years of 3He Optical Pumping: "When Only the Best Will Do" (Progress Report)

Klaus Wendt

Particle Traps in Modern Physics Education (Progress Report)

Hans Jakob Wörner

High-Harmonic Spectroscopy of Electronic Dynamics in Molecules (Progress Report)

Per Johnsson

Photoelectron Diffraction Imaging of Molecular Dynamics (Hot Topic)

Andreas Mooser
Direct Observation of Spin Flips with a Single Isolated Proton (Hot Topic)