2023, Strasbourg (EGAS 54)


2023 Strasbourg (EGAS 54)




Jacqueline Bloch
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universal scaling in the coherence of polariton condensates


Simon L. Cornish
Full quantum control of ultracold polar molecules


Wolfgang Ketterle
New platforms for quantum science: ultracold molecules, and highly magnetic atoms


Julien Laurat
Quantum optics with cold atoms trapped along nanowaveguides


Markus Arndt
100 years after de Broglie: A bold hypothesis at the start of universal matter-wave Interferometry


Ilme Schlichting
Protein structure and dynamics using X-ray free-electron lasers –pitfalls


Mikhail Lukin
Exploring new scientific frontiers using programmable atom arrays


Tilman Pfau
A molecular bond between ions and Rydberg atoms


José R. Crespo López-Urrutia
Towards clocks at frequencies beyond the optical range


Peter Zoller
Exploring Large-Scale Entanglement in Quantum Simulation





Verònica Ahufinger
Topology in orbital bosonic systems


Sebastian Blatt
Quantum Technology, Quantum Simulations, and Precision Measurements with Ultracold Strontium


Anastasia Borschevsky
High accuracy predictions of properties of heavy atoms and molecules and evaluation of uncertainties


Hrvoje Buljan
Sub-symmetry protected topological states


Yvan Castin
Higgs excitation branch in Fermi superfluids


Tobias Donner
Engineering of many-body states in a driven-dissipative cavity QED system


Aleksandra Foltynowicz Matyba
Precision molecular spectroscopy using optical frequency combs


Thierry Lahaye
Quantum simulation of the dipolar XY model using Rydberg atom arrays


Anna Minguzzi
Ultracold atoms in ring traps: from fundamentals to atomtronics applications


Giovanna Morigi
Fractal ground state, spectral properties, and quantum dynamics of one-dimensional Wigner crystals in periodic potentials


Jolijn Onvlee
Towards cold and controlled reactive collisions


Jakob Reichel
Observing Spin-Squeezed States under Spin-Exchange Collisions for a Second


Jean-François Roch
Quantum diamond magnetometry at extreme pressures


Tobias Schätz
Optical Traps for Ions & Ultracold Atoms


Coherence of light from ensembles of many independent atoms


Thomas Udem
Challenging QED with atomic Hydrogen


Shannon Whitlock
From atoms and light to digital quantum computing